knitting with mixed yarn and beads


This is my current knitting project- I’m using a mixture of baby alpaca yarn, indigo dyed cotton and wool yarns, and for a pop of color a chunky blend. I’ve knit in some colorful enamel beads too. I’m not sure what it’s going to end up being as a textile (scarf, wrap…will keep you posted)


Handknit mohair and leather poncho


Today in the studio I finished a poncho. I had a hand knit piece that I made from double kid mohair (really thick and soft) in hues of burnt orange. I decided to attach it to a piece of tan lambskin I had by lacing them together with rawhide lace. I think it’s really cool!mohair poncho




Making indigo dyed silk and wool

Today in the studio, I made my first vat of indigo. I used organic indigo from Botanical colors who also has an excellent tutorial on indigo dying without chemicals, which is what I did. I dyed some silk chiffon, wool felt, wool yarns and I love the resulting shades of blue! and the tonal variations!

Note: I misread the instructions to use 1 part indigo and 2 parts fructose- I added equal parts, so my fermentation did not look like it should- so I added some madder root into the vat (which has natural tannins to speed up the fermentation process)  It worked!

My next project will be to used these textiles to create nuno-felt, which I am excited to try…indigo fermentation IMG_1182 IMG_1189 Indigo-Tinctoria1

Indigo Apron

Today I made an apron in the studio- for use in my studio (dyeing, painting, etc ) I used some nice indigo linen, and added pockets made from vintage shibori indigo dyed cotton, and then added indigo/cream lace ties. Love it!



vintage fabric upcycled

Yesterday in the studio I made a maxi skirt. I combined pieces of vintage silk in indigo and purple shades with pieces of indigo dyed cotton. Drawstring waist with hand painted silk ribbon. The nice thing is that you can wear it with whatever panels of fabric you like in the front and it’s a one size because of the aline shape and drawstring waist. Boho chic!